Costello Asks Bingman To Pass Amended SB1062

Labor Commissioner’s Office

Labor Commissioner Mark Costello today praised the House of Representatives for advancing  by a 74-24 vote a measure to create an administrative workers’ compensation system that is friendlier to the injured worker and job creator by replacing the current judicial system. 

The measure is now in the Senate for reconsideration.

In a letter to Senate president Pro Tempore Brian Bingman, Costello asks the Senate to pass SB 1062 in its amended form.     

Costello wrote to Bingman, “The new administrative system you have sponsored adopts the best practices of neighboring states of Arkansas and Texas and places Oklahoma in competition for new and better paying jobs while retaining existing jobs.” Costello traveled to Arkansas in August 2012 to be briefed by Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission in a one-on-one meeting from the three commissioners, including Chairman A. Watson Bell.  In October 2012, Costello traveled to Texas to attend a two day conference on the Texas self-insured option. Costello has been a proponent of an administrative system since seeking office in 2010.

“After my meetings with Arkansas and Texas officials it became apparent that the Arkansas administrative system with the Texas self-insured option would best serve the citizens of Oklahoma,” stated Costello.

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