Inhofe Rips Taylor In Tulsa Mayoral Race


Senator Jim Inhofe said today that Tulsa mayoral candidate Kathy Taylor is a Barack Obama clone who is in lockstep with liberal issues.

His statement came as he and numerous other Republican officials endorsed Mayor Dewey Bartlett, whom Taylor, a Democrat, seeks to unseat. Tulsa’s mayoral election, once partisan on the ballot, is now non-partisan.

Said Inhofe: The United States currently has a President that is destroying the very institutions that make America great, from the disarming of our national security, overregulating our job creators, to crippling our oil and gas industry not just in Oklahoma but throughout America. Oklahoma knows this to be true because we are the number one state to reject President Obama when every county voted against him in the 2012 presidential election. Kathy Taylor who is running for election in Tulsa is a proud liberal and is also proud of her association with this President. Right out of the gate in 2008, she proudly proclaimed that she has the ear of the Obama Administration. Furthermore, she has donated more than $160,000 to liberal candidates and organizations on top of the millions she has spent on herself. It would be very difficult for me if she is re-elected as mayor — a job I used to have — because it would be used as an indicator nationwide that the perception in Oklahoma of President Obama is changing. If he can carry a center like Tulsa in the most red state in the U.S., it would not just be an insult but a danger for the future of our party.” 

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  1. Edmond Voter, 25 October, 2013

    Thank you Sen. Inhofe for speaking the truth! That’s one thing we love about our Senior Senator… he is willing to step up and tell it like it is!


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