GOP Releases Anti-Taylor Video

The Oklahoma Republican Party has released a web-version of its hard-hitting ad exposing questionable details regarding the political record of mayoral candidate Kathy Taylor.

OKGOP Chairman Dave Weston explained, “Tulsa has finally experienced some long-anticipated growth and progress under the leadership of Mayor Dewey Bartlett, and it’s important that we do what we can to continue that track record, both for Tulsans and for our state.”

The ad describes how Taylor erroneously subjected Tulsa to liability in the Great Plains Airlines debacle, mentions her significant donations to Barack Obama and other liberal politicians in DC, and reminds voters of her double-voting in the 2000 presidential general election in which she cast votes both in the states of Florida and Oklahoma (although not convicted, this is a felony in both states).

Weston continued, “Kathy Taylor’s public record is egregious and entirely out of step with the values of Tulsa and the rest of Oklahoma. Not only that, she quit her job as mayor when the going got tough and publicly declared she wouldn’t run again. But here she is, doing just that. It’s time for someone tell the voters about the real Kathy Taylor, and we expect this ad will aid in that effort. Voters chose Mayor Bartlett four years ago because they knew he would not quit. Tulsa’s economic growth alone is the greatest vote for Mayor Bartlett’s commitment for doing what is best for Tulsa, not himself.

The new web-ad can be viewed online here.

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