Lewis Moore: Our Republic Is Not A Democracy

Rep. Lewis Moore

The political climate is turning even colder than the winter closing in. It is time for the individual states that make up the “United” States of America to come together and take back the liberties we have lost and preserve our constitutional republic for another generation.

moorelewisThe fight is a constant one. When you hear “democracy,” you should think majority-rules versus the rule-of-law. It’s like an Old West posse of 15 riders catching up with a horse thief. A 14-1 decision finds the thief hanging from the nearest tree – majority rules. This in contrast with a 14-1 decision where the Sheriff is holding out for justice and wants the thief hauled back to town, enforcing the rule-of-law.

In short, democracy means socialism, which leads to debt and chaos, and will ultimately usher in an oligarchy (dictator).  Never trade liberty for security.

Encourage, even demand your U.S. senators, Congressmen and state elected officials – most especially your state legislators and governor – to do their duty and protect their citizens’ constitutional rights and liberties.

Promote transparency and open government. Get involved at every level of government. Call your state representative and state senator. Meet with them. Look them in the eye and tell them to do their part to stop the madness in Washington D.C. Believe it or not, the state has more power than you think.

Contact your U.S. senators. It is their job to intercede on behalf of the state in sovereignty issues. The “state” is you. Sovereignty issues are your individual freedoms. That’s why the U.S. Senate confirms judges, general officers and other political appointees. It’s why they can block legislation and approve the budget. They keep the constitutional peace between the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

Does it sound like they’ve been doing their job? They have to do better. Our U.S. senators should have a staffed office in our state Capitol building where they can report to the state Legislature on a regular basis and strategize ways to better protect our sovereignty.

Their loyalty is to the state, first and foremost!

Our state sovereignty team lines up like this: An informed, registered-to-vote, citizen – otherwise known as “We the People.”

One state representative and one state senator per state citizen, enforcing constitutional boundaries and communicating with the U.S. senators.

One governor, representing all state citizens, communicating with other governors to protect individual state citizens’ rights and state sovereignty.

Two senators, in Washington, D.C., interceding to protect our sovereignty, acting on behalf of the state Legislature.

The state sovereignty team combined can present a powerful united front and take action to force the federal government to respect the constitutional boundaries around them and do the limited role they’ve been given to the best of their ability.


Don’t accept less from your elected officials!

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  1. Jim McGoodwin, 28 November, 2013

    States have rights under the U.S. Constitution. They are not sovereign. Except for Texas and the original 12 colonies, all states were federal territory before they became states through the operation of federal law.


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