Lankford Campaign Announces Leadership Team Members

lankfordcapMembers of Congressman James Lankford’s Senatorial campaign Leadership Team were announced today by Campaign Manager Holly Isch.

Among the list of respected community leaders are the original campaign co-chairs from Lankford’s successful 2010 campaign when he was first elected to represent Oklahoma’s Fifth District: Frank and Nadine McPherson, Gene and Jo Downing, Steve and Jackie Green, Pat Adams, Ralph and Wanda Hill, Dave Gillogly and Randy and Susan Kemp.

Others who have agreed to join the Lankford Leadership Team are: Phil Albert, Dr. Doug Beall, David and Janice Berrong, Gen. (ret.) Dick Burpee, David Burrage, Mike Cantrell, Bob Coburn, Joe Cox, Sean Cummings, Jim Daniel, Jim Duit, John Groendyke, Jimmy and Sheila Jordan, Charlie and Julie Daniels, Tim Elliott, Carl Edwards, Ann Felton, Bill Ford, Greg Gaither, Harold Hamm, Estela Hernandez, Jerry Hietpas, Todd Hiett, James R. Higgins, MD, Tom Hill, Jim and Debbie Hilton, Kirk Humphreys, Dan Keating, Kel Kelly, Justin King and Jami Smith, Brad Krieger, Dr. George Ladd, Jay Lemon, Tom Love, Bill and Terri Mathis, Aubrey McClendon, Chad McDougal, Jeff McDougal, Lew Meibergen, Chuck Mills, Rodd Moesel, Mark Neese, Larry Nichols, Mike O’Neal, Pam Parks, S. Bond Payne, Greg Piatt, Danny Robbins, Pat Rooney, Adm. (ret.) Greg Slavonic, Stephen Smalley, Charles Sublett, Lew Ward, Dana Weber, Anne Wilson, Lynn Windel, Daryl Woodard.

“I am deeply grateful for these men and women who have agreed to support my campaign,” Lankford said. “They share my passion for the future of our country. Every day we are gaining support of Oklahomans that share my belief that we should do more than just complain, we should work as long as it takes to restore our nation back to her strong foundation,” Lankford added.


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  1. King james, 31 January, 2014

    When James Langford was no more than that all of these same people were lined up behind Mike Thompson. James was the victor because he represented the people not the establishment. This is just an example of what Washington DC will do to you

  2. Al Broderick, 01 February, 2014

    Or it’s an example of people recognizing good solid leadership and want to support it. To say otherwise completely ignores the good hard work Lankford has done in DC.

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  4. Castor, 01 February, 2014

    Lankford has won the respect and support of these people because of his works. I don’t think his principles have changed.

  5. Dick Grace, 03 February, 2014

    A short reality check here. Mr. Lankford ran on the platform of shutting down the obamacare debacle. Every opportunity he has had to vote against it he has decided it was not the right time to defund or otherwise derail it. Don’t forget his vote on the budget deal. He has just proven that even a naive country boy whose most difficult job was leading a religious church camp can become a liberal politician when the pay is right. Ted Cruz he ain’t.


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