Fallin Supports Capital Planning Commission Action

Governor’s Office

Governor Fallin today issued this statement after members of the Long-Range Capital Planning Commission authorized sending to lawmakers a letter supporting a bond issue of up to $160 million to repair the state Capitol:

“These commissioners are successful business and policy leaders whose experience and credibility further affirm that this project is best addressed through a responsible bond issue. The time is right for a bond: interest rates are low and 41 percent of the state’s bond indebtedness will come off the books in 2018. It’s the responsibility of those of us in state government to maintain and preserve state buildings and assets. A bond issue is the best, most viable way to restore and repair the crumbling state Capitol.”

The nine-member Long-Range Capital Planning Commission is charged with addressing repairs to the Capitol and the long-term management of state buildings and properties. The speaker of the House of Representatives, the president pro tempore of the Senate and the governor each appoint three members to the panel.

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  1. Eric, 28 February, 2014

    Did this commission also endorse the cultural center bond and Kingfisher property buyout bond also? If so, this speaks for itself. Better idea would be to sell the cultural center and Kingfisher properties and use the money to repair the capital building.


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