Senate Approves Conditional Tax Cut

The Senate approved a conditional tax cut on Thursday:

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  1. Steve Dickson, 28 February, 2014

    So, I suppose I should thank the Senate for trying to do SOMETHING. Then again, this is so far beyond weak and pathetic I don’t know where to start.

    It’s like this: for most of our state history, we had rule by democrats. They built a bunch of agencies and boards and commissions and departments. They built a tax (and license, and fee) structure to fund it.

    You guys in the House and Senate were elected to change that.

    When you completely and totally end the income tax, you will deserve praise. If you just eliminate all the tax credits you could get below 4% from the numbers I have heard. If you start eliminating entire agencies (and rebuild our government based on conservative and liberty principles, instead of socialist and progressive ones) you could do this.

    I guess I’m just frustrated at the failure of the GOP to actually reduce government and put it on the proper path – protecting the liberties of the people, not social engineering them, or finding us jobs, or helping our buddies out at the expense of others.

    /rant off

  2. Al Broderick, 01 March, 2014

    Just think Steve, the state has received record revenues over the past 12 months yet they’re claiming a budget shortfall. The legislature will pass a “tax cut” but someone else’s taxes will increase to pay for it. It’s nothing but a bait and switch. There is not any political courage left to take on serious government restructuring to right-size government.

  3. Castor, 01 March, 2014

    Paltry, puny and probably illusory. Put the ravenous beast of the state on a diet. This is one place where a little anorexia would not be a bad thing.


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