Gallup: Oklahoma Seventh Most Conservative State

Gallup Politics

Gallup reports that Oklahoma is the seventh most conservative state in the Union.

The report follows a study of polling data that showed Mississippi remains the most conservative state in the union, and, along with Utah, Wyoming, and Alabama, is one of four states with 50% or more of its population identifying as conservative.

At the other end of the ideological spectrum, 40% District of Columbia residents and 30% of Massachusetts residents identify as liberal; all other states have a liberal population of 26% or less.

Top 10 Conservative States, 2011

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  1. Busdriver, 05 February, 2012

    And yet the US ranks 47th in the Press Freedom Index of Reporters Without Borders. When I think about telling my grandchildren how TV used to be black and white, newspapers reported truth, and there used to be a thing called the Internet, I wonder if I will be required to speak to them them in Chinese or Farsi.


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