Capitol Braces For Teacher Influx


Legislators and staff are bracing today for an influx of teachers and others lobbying for more money for public schools. Some estimate as many as 25,000 might swarm the Capitol.

Some legislators say they will meet only with small groups at a time, or only with those from their own districts.

Some legislators have objected to teachers and school administrators using a school day to lobby at the Capitol, and there’s been discussion also about the potential use of school buses for transportation.

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  1. Castor, 31 March, 2014

    While I have a lot of respect for good teachers, I do wonder if they realize how infuriating it is to see them taking off a school day and using school resources to go wave a bunch of signs around at the capitol.

  2. Al Broderick, 31 March, 2014

    Who knows. However, when their boss asks them to do it…


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