Fallin Fires, Hickman Fires Back In GOP Political Dustup


Governor Fallin fired at the House today and Speaker Jeff Hickman fired back.

The two Republican leaders are butting heads over what constitutes key legislation and how it has been handled.

Fallin’s harsh remarks came as she said she’s vetoed 15 bills which she claims are not relevant to voters.

She ripped the House for rejecting a bond measure to fix the crumbling Capitol.

She said she hoped the vetoes send a message to the Legislature to “step it up” and deal with serious issues.

“I’m disappointed that the legislature and in particular the House of Representatives is unconcerned with the maintenance and the upkeep of state facilities, especially the state Capitol,” she said. “We’re all very familiar with the sewage problems, the electrical problems, the plumbing problems, the facade at the front of the state Capitol that is crumbling, the barricades we’ve had up now for three-and-a-half years and we’ve yet to take a step forward to find a solution to the problem and act upon that.”

The Oklahoman reported, “A Senate-backed plan to authorize $160 million in bonds to fix the Capitol failed in the House, where some lawmakers expressed concern about debt and called for a pay-as-you-go plan.”

Hickman immediately responded to Fallin, saying, “Governor Fallin developed an aggressive agenda this session to move Oklahoma forward, however moving that agenda through the legislative process requires developing relationships with legislators across the state. The House of Representatives worked hard to pass a personal income tax cut, as Governor Fallin requested, which we delivered to her desk early last week. The House also passed pension reform, a school tornado shelter referendum, and a ban on youth access to e-cigarettes, all which were part of the Governor’s agenda and devoted numerous hours of debate to the Governor’s bill to expand charter-schools statewide.

“The House, for the second time in the three years she has requested it, voted on Governor Fallin’s plan to renovate the Capitol with a bond issue. For the third time, the House has said her plan is not acceptable, yet today the Governor is still calling on members to support her plan.

“The members of this body are closest to the people and have listened to their constituencies on issues such as Common Core, school testing and bond proposals. We know there are serious issues left to resolve and the House intends to work every day, regardless of political rhetoric, to have a successful session for the people of Oklahoma.”

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  1. Eric, 29 April, 2014

    Get over yourself Mary. The capitol was in need of repair all the years you were Lt.Governor and you never complained. Pay as you go That is the only way. Get rid of the waste. Maybe even have Pink Pony do a concert to raise funds to kick this project off. Who cares if you vetoed 15 bills. We have to many laws already. It’s not rocket science. The people of Oklahoma do not want more debt. If it does happen, we will remember in November.

  2. Edmond Voter, 29 April, 2014

    The governor needs to remember she is NOT the Queen! She asked for legislation and got it and then in a childish and petty fit decides to “show those House members” who she thinks is boss! Well I’ve got news for Mary…. she will NOT have the last word! We, the voters, will have it!

    Now, the Senate Republicans need to take a cue from the House Republicans and start doing what the taxpayers (voters) are asking…. standing firm against any further indebtedness on our state AND not fund the debacle called the AICCM. Step up and do the right thing for the sake of the voters and taxpayers.

    P.S. Mary, you need to quit acting like a spoiled brat!

  3. Jon, 30 April, 2014

    Whoever popularized the “pay as you go” mantra in the political lexicon unleashed some strong juju.

  4. Cconcerned Constituent, 30 April, 2014

    If “the House intends to work every day,” why are they planning to take off this Thursday, May 1st? Fix the Capitol so my children and grandchildren have a building left to call a Capitol! It has taken longer to pass a bill to fix the Capitol than it took to build the Capitol, 7/20/1914 – 6/30/1917. FIX THE BUILDING!

  5. Vernon Woods, 30 April, 2014

    It appears that our legislature thinks it’s more important to be able to carry a gun to church than to protect our kids from getting hit by a falling brick or catching a raw-sewage disease at our capitol. Like Concerned Constituent said – FIX THE DAMN BUILDING NOW!!

  6. Jason, 30 April, 2014

    Violence in churches is a legitimate issue. One man who tracks this issue has documented nearly 800 violent incidents in churches throughout the United States in the last 15 years alone.

    On the other hand, not a single person has been hit by a piece of falling debris or acquired “raw sewage disease” at the state Capitol building. Let’s not resort to hysterics. The members of the House are voting the way their constituents want them to vote.

  7. Vernon Woods, 30 April, 2014

    Jason, you can ignore the situation at the capitol all you want – it ain’t going away, and the adage ‘you can pay me now, or REALLY pay me later’ holds true here. You seem to confuse ‘facts’ with (I suspect you meant) ‘histrionics’.

    So, let’s pour more money onto that hill south of town, make more redundant gun laws, and keep dodging bricks. I’m as conservative as heck, but I don’t sure agree with those votes.

    And just who is this ‘one man’ who has time to track violence in churches that would be prevented with guns.

  8. jason, 30 April, 2014


    I’m not ignoring anything. I work at the state Capitol and I probably spend far more time there than you do. It is not in nearly as bad shape as you are being led to believe.

  9. Castor, 30 April, 2014

    Hmmm. The House has done some admirable things, but not moving the Governor’s modest money-saving proposal to consolidate some boards into Tourism nor passing the Education Savings Account bill out of committee are two things that aren’t. As to the Capitol, I don’t think yellow caution tape sets it off to its best advantage. I don’t care if it’s pay as you go or a bond issue, but let’s fix the poor thing.

  10. Rob, 30 April, 2014

    How about selling the state’s “hill south of town” and use the money to repair the Captial.

  11. gordon, 01 May, 2014

    First, it takes no funding to support the passing of the bills that were passed. However, substantial funding is required to fix the capitol bldg. Funding has to be in place in order to pass that bill. I agree with the pay as you go method. I do agree that the consolidation o some boards would be a good thing and would save money.

  12. Vernon Woods, 01 May, 2014

    Yada Yada Yada – Jason. I’ve seen the damage first hand. 1$ to fix it now – 5$ to fix it later, plus court costs. Get our priorities straight NOW!

  13. Jason, 01 May, 2014

    Sure you have…


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