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Today, in a surprising move, Governor Mary Fallin (R) vetoed high-priority NRA-supported legislation, House Bill 2461.  As previously reported, HB 2461 was sent to Governor Fallin for her signature following nearly unanimous passage in the Oklahoma Legislature.  HB 2461 passed unanimously in the Senate and passed in the House by a 92 to 1 vote.

Authored in the House by state Representative Mike Turner (R-82) and in the Senate by state Senator Nathan Dahm (R-33), HB 2461 would require that a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) sign an application for the transfer of any item regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA) within fifteen days if the applicant is not prohibited by law from receiving it.
This important policy improvement would prevent an arbitrary personal bias from determining Oklahoma firearm policy and ensure that qualified, law-abiding Oklahomans will not be denied their ability to legally possess and own NFA items.  The reforms in HB 2461 benefit law-abiding Oklahoma Second Amendment supporters by ensuring that the process to obtain NFA items already legal in Oklahoma remains consistent, fact-based and objective.
Despite today’s veto, the NRA will be working tirelessly to ensure passage and enactment of this legislation this year.  It is critical that you call your state Representative and Senator and respectfully urge them to work with the NRA to ensure this widely supported important policy improvement does not fall victim to political games.  Contact information for your state Representative can be found here.  Contact information for your state Senator can be found here.  Please thank the bill sponsors for their continued dedication to the enactment of this measure this session.
Also, please call Governor Mary Fallin and send her a clear message that Second Amendment supporters in Oklahoma support this measure and demand enactment of this protection.

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  1. Tom, 30 April, 2014

    “The reforms in HB 2461 benefit law-abiding Oklahoma Second Amendment supporters by ensuring that the process to obtain NFA items already legal in Oklahoma remains consistent, fact-based and objective.”

    Would someone explain that if it’s already legal to own NFA items in Oklahoma, we need another law, because……….?

  2. Steve Dickson, 30 April, 2014

    It prevents a “Chief Law Enforcement Officer” from delaying an approval. One of the ways gun control advocates have tried to infringe upon our rights is by delaying things they can’t stop, such as legal ownership and transfer of firearms.

    This was discussed at length in the 1990’s when John Whetsel was the head of the International Association of Police Chiefs, at a conference in OKC. It was part of their strategy to slow down things like concealed carry and/or open carry.

  3. mikes1voice, 30 April, 2014

    Correct. As I recall, this is the idea that turned Whetsel into a pro-2nd Amendment advocate.

  4. Tom, 30 April, 2014

    Thank you!

  5. Steve Dickson, 30 April, 2014

    Here is a link to the plan, from September 21st, 1995:


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