Will The House Override Fallin Gun Bill Veto?


State House Republicans were caucusing and apparently have agreed to attempt an override of Governor Mary Fallin’s veto of an NRA bill.

Sources said House leaders were looking for Democrat votes to achieve the override.

An internal GOP civil war broke out after Fallin vetoed
15 House bills, and the governor took shots
at the Legislature. Speaker Jeff Hickman
fired back at Fallin with comments of his own.

Sources say state Senate leaders are opposed
to the veto override. The move, to be law, would need
Senate approval.

An override of either body would be a first for Fallin, as she
has never been overridden by a Republican
majority in either the House or the Senate. Governor Frank
Keating always bragged that House Republicans
sustained each one of his vetoes. At the time,
Republicans were only about a third of the Legislature,
but voted in solidarity to sustain each of Keating’s vetoes
during his eight years in office.

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