Steve Russell Seeks To Relocate

Congressional candidate Steve Russell, in a runoff for the 5th District seat, confirms he’s trying to relocate to a home within the district:

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  1. Larry, 29 June, 2014

    Larry Stein: Hundreds of thousands of people live in Oklahoma City, and think they live in Oklahoma County. But they don’t; they live in Cleveland, Canadian or Pottawatomie. Russell is the kind of experienced military leader we need during these difficult times to provide some adult supervision to a congress void of military leadership.

  2. Jay, 29 June, 2014

    Jay K: I agree, Steve has the experience and the brains to be a powerful leader in Washington. We really need a man like him at this critical time in our nation. He speaks with real authority and inspires confidence.

  3. Richard Engle, 30 June, 2014

    When I lived in Canadian County I also lived in Russell ‘ s district. Despite an unusual support of military (not really a state issue) he was a fine legislator for the one term we could persuade him to serve.

    He did miss a lot of votes but as a part time office he prioritized providing for his family which took him out of the state often.

    Now his kids are grown and he is trying to move into a smaller home in the 5th district. He is right that the Constitution does not require that a congressman live in the district though voters usually require it. I suspect that they don’t know that he doesn’t and hasn’t lived in the district because of the commercials that promoted his Del City origins.

    To be fair he lives nearby and has regular business and church attendance in the district.

    The 2 best candidates from the broad field are moving forward to the runoff. This is our opportunity to determine which candidate can best represent us and will be successful in promoting the issues most critical to central Oklahoma.


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