Danny George Faces Sex Crime Complaints

Tulsa World

OWASSO – A 1980s member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives is jailed on three sex crime complaints after Owasso police completed a monthlong sting operation, authorities announced Tuesday.

Danny Bruce George, 61, is accused of soliciting a minor for prostitution, sexual battery and making lewd proposals to a child, Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff said in a release. The investigation began in July when an Owasso detective posed as an underage girl and began text messaging and chatting online with George to arrange a meeting, Woodruff said.

George, of Clinton, reportedly agreed to travel to Owasso to have sex with the underage girl and arrived at a local restaurant at 4 p.m. Tuesday, where he was confronted by members of Owasso’s Criminal Investigations Division.

State archives indicate George was a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1985-1987.

George was first booked at the Owasso Municipal Jail before being booked in Tulsa County, Woodruff said.

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  1. Norma, 02 September, 2014

    I have always wondered how they pick the guys they are going to target for their sting operations?

  2. Larry, 02 September, 2014

    This sounds realy fishy. Have our police gone wild? Let’s get this straight, a police officer sets up the whole deal ACTING like an underage teenager online, and they arrest someone for “planning” to do an illegal deed–NOT committing a crime, but engaging in an online conversation with a police officer who “pretends to be” a teenager. We have laws against impersonating a police officer, maybe we need laws to prohibit police oficers from impersonating little girls! How close to entrapment do we have to get to stop this type of police activity? The police in Owasso apparently DON’T have any REAL crimes to investigate so they had to go online to create one? This type of police activity along with road blocks to check for drunk drivers, insurance verification and outstanding warrants should be declared illegal by the Oklahoma legislature. Now getting CAUGHT having sex with an underage girl is different, but this sounds like entrapment.


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