SoonerPoll: 97.8% Support Higher Teacher Pay


Oklahomans overwhelmingly support higher pay for teachers, according to a new SoonerPoll.

Only 1.4% of the respondents opposed higher teacher pay; 58% believe it should be based on merit while 39.8% believe it should be across the board.

The poll, which can be viewed at, is weighted more than 10% percent heavier with Republicans than Democrats, even though registration is nearly even.

The SoonerPoll, which mostly tested educational choice messages, shows Oklahomans divided on the issue of vouchers; 29.9% are strongly opposed while 29.2% are strongly in favor.

Tax credits for families who send children to private or religious schools are less divisive.

The SoonerPoll is conducted by the widely-respected Oklahoma media pollster Bill Shapard. .

The poll was conducted January 5 through January 22.

A proposal for income tax relief for educational expenses is more widely popular, the survey shows.

While the poll is weighted more heavily with Republicans, Shapard based it upon a voter participation model. Oklahoma Democrats have voted less frequently in recent years.

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  1. castor, 01 February, 2015

    I’m glad to see the reflex sentiment to reward all teachers, regardless of skills, is ebbing. Now people are more likely to recognize the fact that not all teachers are equal;y competent and that rewards should go to those who are more competent, not less.

    It is also noteworthy that ESAs and tax credit scholarships received majority approval, and that a decent number of people are rejecting the notion that more spending automatically translates into better learning.

  2. Bob, 02 February, 2015

    ….the ONLY problem? How do you pay for it? Oklahoma is a LOW-TAX state and NO ONE wants to increase taxes. That means everything we should be first-place in, we are last; and everything we should be last-place in, we are first.
    With such a small state budget compared to other states, we will always be nearly last place in wages for state government and related salaries. Sometimes, tragically, that means public officials get involved in schemes that result in bribery or embezzling of funds.


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