Tulsa Chamber’s McNeil Criticizes Legislature

mcneilThe Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce has unleashed its Republican face and former state lawmaker Skye McNeil, now the Chamber’s spokesman, to criticize the Republican-led Legislature.

McNiel says Oklahoma is getting a black eye due to controversial measures such as efforts to ban AP History and to target gays and lesbians.

However, the Tulsa business chamber’s staff is loaded with known Democrats who frequently promote controversial diversity programs that have been at times under fire from the state’s GOP congressional delegation.

Tulsa Chamber President Mike Neal was criticized last year by the state’s delegation after he held a fundraiser for Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Mary Landrieu while Republicans were seeking to win the U.S.

Some state lawmakers often scoff when the Tulsa Chamber staff has promoted Democrat initiatives such as the expansion of Medicaid.

The article in the Tulsa World details McNiel’s complaints:

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  1. J Roberts, 27 February, 2015

    Skye definitely knows about embarrassing legislation – in 2013 she authored a bill to legalize horse slaughter!!

  2. The Logician, 27 February, 2015

    Rep. McNeil is spot on, the Legislature has for years introduced legislation that is blatantly unconstitutional and, if not that, unconscionable in a civilized society. The GOP needs to take note, the people who brought them to the dance and just a quickly sent send them home. The people of Oklahoma deserve better than politicians who don’t understand what their job is, and that is to administer state government and not fight the federal government or pander to the religious right or the liberal left.

  3. Muthamedia, 27 February, 2015

    Please move to Austin, Boulder or San Fran and allow us Okies to fight the federal government to our last breath if that’s what it takes.

  4. Vernon Woods, 01 March, 2015

    J Roberts – you obviously know very little about what abandoned horses endure – she was absolutely correct with that legislation.

    Logician – amen.

    Muthmedia – it seems that your fight is not with the federal government – it’s with common sense and a knowledge of the real problems facing Oklahoma today (and it ain’t hoodies).

  5. Bob, 02 March, 2015

    …does the name Rep. John Monks ring a bell? There are plenty of wacky legislators from both parties, not so many dems any more, the media plays these high profile issues because otherwise NO ONE would even know or CARE the legislature was in session. We really need to find a better way to do this government thing at the state level.


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