Newberry Explains OEC Audit Report

UPDATE: Senator Newberry says there is no audit and that Coffee was retained to defend him against Democratic Party allegations.

The original story reported that former Senate President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee apparently had been retained by Newberry to prepare for an Ethics Commission audit. That conclusion was reached because of the wording on Newberry’s OEC report.

Here is the senator’s response to our story:

newberry“1) Glen Coffee has not been retained to prepare for an investigation. He was retained to defend against erroneous allegations made during the 2014 election cycle. The allegations were filed by the Democrat party.

“2) The ethics commission reviewed all campaign records and found no violations. The case was dismissed by the Ethics Commission with a  vote of 5 – 0 on 10/10/2014.  A copy of the letter of dismissal from the ethics commission is attached below for your review.”

On his most recent filing, the Tulsa Republican showed an expenditure to Coffee for $3,906.25 for “prepare for OEC Audit” on October 31st of last year.

Here is the official entry on his Ethics Commission filing:

Oct 31, 2014 Professional Legal Services Glenn Coffee And Associates, PLLC
P. O. Box 14785
Oklahoma City, OK 73113-0785
Prepare for OEC audit $3,906.25

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