WaPo: Why OU Fights To Keep Art Stolen By Nazis


The Washington Post has an article that studies the refusal of the University of Oklahoma, and a museum, to return artwork stolen by the Nazis.


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  1. Luke Easter, 04 July, 2015

    Art stolen by Hitler’s regime? The same Hitler that had over 6 million people innocent of committing crimes, any wrong doing, murdered? Jewish men, women & children put to death either in gas champers, the back of moving vans with exhaust pumping carbon monoxide back inside, with one Jew kneeling in front of another Jew, shooting the one in front in the head while the projectile traveled through killing the Jew standing behind (to save on the cost of using bullets) or by just plain old starvation? That Hitler? Those Nazis? Wow! And the American Museums do not want to give those paintings back to the rightful owner(s)? The same American Museums that stand under the American Flag? With justice and liberty for all? Except rightful owners of Jewish decent? And yet, most people are in an uproar for what the Confederate Flag stands for? Which is what exactly? Racism? You mean like the American Museums? LOL! WTF?


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