Opinion: Most-Hated Organization Strikes (Out) Again…And Conduct Unbecoming


^The nation’s most-hated government organization, the Internal Revenue Service, has taken action that will only underline its reputation.

The IRS has targeted some Tea Party units, demanding information that goes beyond what the law allows them to gather.

The timing of the demands, in the midst of an election year in which the Tea Party as a whole is poised to influence the election of the next president, stinks to high heaven.

Abuses by the IRS are legendary; this action affirms the view many have of it.

^Senator Judy Eason McIntyre has embarrassed herself, the Senate and the State of Oklahoma by posing with an obscene sign at the Capitol. The sign, complete with the “F” word, was meant┬áto make a point; it did. The senator is guilty of conduct unbecoming a state official.

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  2. Ol Feller, 29 February, 2012

    If I rfemember correctly the IRS pulled this same stunt on the National Rifle Association in the mid 90’s demanding NRA”s membership list. Their plan was to threaten an audit all NRA members. They were told by NRA “See you in Court” and they dropped their demands. If the Tea Party stands up to them IRS will capitulate.


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