Howard Dean’s Return Chided By Pinnell

Oklahoma Republican Party

Oklahoma Democrats are set to welcome Howard Dean’s ultra-liberal “Democracy for America” (DFA) back to Oklahoma for the second year in a row. The Tulsa County Democratic Party will host a “Campaign Academy” presented by DFA this Saturday and Sunday in Tulsa.

“I’d like to welcome DFA back to the reddest state in the country,” said OKGOP Chairman Matt Pinnell. “From siding with radical environmentalists to the promotion of articles from leftist organizations– the Oklahoma Democratic Party continues to move further and further to the left. Now they’re welcoming back Howard Dean to train Democrat activists.”

Democracy for America’s stated goal is to work “to earn the nomination of grassroots, progressive Democrats over entrenched, conservative Democrats.”

“With the hard left turn of the Oklahoma Democratic Party (ODP) over the past several years, Oklahoma Democrats can no longer attempt to fool voters by running as “conservatives”. The ODP has clearly decided to cast their lot with the far-left liberals in Washington DC as opposed to putting forth an agenda to appeal to Oklahoma voters.”

Pinnell noted the Democrat candidate for the upcoming special election in House District 71 is scheduled to attend Saturday’s training.
“While Dan Arthrell is getting his marching orders from Howard Dean’s cronies this weekend,” said Pinnell, “the Republican candidate – Katie Henke – will be out knocking doors and talking with Oklahoma families about the challenges they face and our conservative solutions to turn this country around.”

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