State GOP Offers Ten Commandments Site

Photo courtesy The Oklahoman

Photo courtesy The Oklahoman


The Oklahoma Republican Party announced today that due to recent court rulings against the Ten Commandments monument currently at the Oklahoma State Capitol, that the Oklahoma Republican Party would welcome the monument to be moved on the grounds of the Dewey Bartlett Center, home of the Oklahoma Republican Party.

Interim Chairman Estela Hernandez said, “In 2012 Democrats voted to remove God from their platform, but the Republican Party’s principles, values, and platform have always been that we are one nation under God and that we should respect and honor that tradition.”

Hernandez continued, “Even inside the US Capitol there are monuments to the great lawgivers that are the basis of our governmental system and the one of Moses is front and center in the House Chamber. While we still feel the best place for this monument is at the State Capitol, we are happy to offer ourselves as a secondary site so that the monument is not destroyed or removed from public view.”

Recent court ruling’s have ordered that the monument which was paid for with private dollars be removed from the grounds of the State Capitol. “Governor Mary Fallin and Attorney General Scott Pruitt have done everything within the law to appeal this decision and to stand for Oklahoma values, I want to thank both of them for their courageous leadership and for standing up for our American Heritage,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said that if granted the opportunity to house the monument, she would work with the donors of the monument, and the Dewey Bartlett Center Board in order to fund the move without asking for taxpayer assistance.

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  1. Troy Fullerton, 01 October, 2015

    This shows some real class on the part of the current leadership of the Oklahoma GOP. There are good citizens who paid good money…REALLY good money…to have that beautiful monument built as a gift to the state of Oklahoma for all of us to enjoy and to reflect on the bedrock principles of our legal system…and then it was even rebuilt after it was destroyed. How ironic that the job some crazed maniac couldn’t get done with a vehicle should be finished by our supreme court justices…after Oklahoma allowed someone to go to all that trouble, time, expense, and repeated effort. It would be such a shame and such a loss to simply let it be destroyed. Moving it to the GOP headquarters would be fitting, and I applaud this decision.

  2. Kevin, 02 October, 2015

    I agree with Mr. Fullerton.


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