Bridenstine Opposes CR Funding Measure

Congressman Jim Bridenstine of Tulsa says he’ll never vote for a temporary government funding bill and he claims one includes funding for Planned Parenthood, a claim that Congressman Tom Cole flatly rejects. (See his comments at

Said Bridenstine:


Today I voted “No” on the Continuing Resolution (CR) funding bill. I believe that CRs are a failure to govern, a failure to represent the people, and a failure to utilize the power of the purse as a constitutional check on the executive branch.

The CR that passed today funds Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, and hundreds of other programs that conservatives oppose. This massive spending bill denies you your representation and is not at all how our founders envisioned funding our government.

The House followed regular order earlier in 2015, passing many of the appropriation bills necessary to fund our government. Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats then filibustered each bill, ensuring government funding would be held hostage to secure protection for Obamacare, executive amnesty, and Planned Parenthood.

Because of Harry Reid’s commitment to protect the President’s liberal legacy, and Republican leadership’s willingness to surrender without a fight, the American people are made to believe that we must fund all of the government through the CR process or face a government shutdown.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle in DC have become content with breaking the process and abandoning the institution in an effort to protect the status quo. I will not be part of it.

I have never voted for a CR. In passing a CR, Congress abandons the representative process, neglects its constitutional responsibilities, and fails the American people.

The American people deserve better than funding gimmicks and budgeting games. I will continue to be a voice in the fight to protect the process, the institution, and the Constitution.

God Bless,

Rep. Jim Bridenstine”

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