Inhofe Given Transportation Award by Advocacy Group

Senate business kept him away, but the Transportation Revenues Used Strictly for Transportation (TRUST) awarded its fifth annual Guardian of Transportation award to Senator Jim Inhofe on Friday. The award is given to those who champion the transportation industry.

“Each year there are numerous deserving recipients of this award who have led the charge to place transportation where it should be, as a core priority of state and federal government, and Senator Inhofe is certainly at the top of the list,” said TRUST President Neal McCaleb. “Senator Inhofe’s commitment to improving Oklahoma’s and the nation’s transportation infrastructure is well documented and his dedication to that cause makes him a very deserving honoree.  Senator Inhofe believes that without a modern and safe highway and bridge infrastructure system, Oklahoma and the United States simply will not flourish economically. Furthermore, he has been an outspoken supporter of the mission of TRUST which is to ensure transportation revenues are used strictly for transportation purposes.  It is an honor for TRUST to present our Guardian of Transportation award to Senator Inhofe.”

Despite not being at the Transportation Innovation Banquet in Oklahoma City on Friday, Inhofe sent along a message of thanks for receiving the award.

“It is an honor to receive the Guardian of Transportation award from TRUST.  This award wouldn’t be possible without the strong support of Oklahomans who understand the importance of the federal and state governments partnering together to advance our nation’s surface infrastructure. Oklahoma is a standard bearer for President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s vision of a highway system that provides for our national security and serves as a foundation to a prosperous economy. In crafting transportation policy over the past two decades, I’ve carried the convictions of Oklahomans. In my most recent highway bill, the DRIVE Act, we were able to successfully ensure Oklahoma’s gas taxes continue to be spent on Oklahoma’s roads and bridges. The DRIVE Act will also further cut red tape in order to accelerate project delivery and will give the state more flexibility and certainty to start long-awaited, economy-boosting highway projects. Congress is on the cusp of sending this six-year highway bill to the president’s desk, and I look forward to soon celebrating with Oklahomans who helped to make the DRIVE Act a success.”

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