Ryan Has Solid Oklahoma Roots

House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP State Chair Pam Pollare

House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP State Chair Pam Pollare

By Andrew Speno

With Rep. Paul Ryan’s election to Speaker of the House, Oklahoma’s favorite son-in-law ascended to become the third most powerful person in the United States today.

Speaker Ryan is married to Janna Little Ryan, an Oklahoma native whose roots run deep – in fact, her family roots precede statehood.

Janna Ryan grew up in Madill, Oklahoma. The daughter of Dan Little and the late Prudence Little, she became accustomed to politics and civic involvement at an early age. Her father has served on the Board of Regents for the University of Oklahoma, among other public leadership roles.

Speaker Ryan and Janna were married in Oklahoma, they spend holidays in Oklahoma, enjoy catfish “noodling” in the southern part of the state, and their family dogs are even named “Boomer” and “Sooner.”<

The Oklahoma Republican Party applauds Speaker Ryan’s pledge to work with Republicans and Democrats in Congress as he wrote in his public announcement, “That’s why when I agreed to become the next Speaker of the House, I did it for the sole purpose of unifying our great nation and helping preserve it for our children.”

“Oklahoma is proud to know Speaker and Janna Ryan and to call them our own,” said Pam Pollard, chairman for the Oklahoma Republican Party. “I am confident that Speaker Ryan will lead with the same commonsense approach that embodies their family roots in Oklahoma.”

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  1. Jamison Faught, 02 November, 2015

    Paul Ryan’s wife and former 2nd District (Democratic) Congressman Dan Boren are first-cousins, as well.


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