Bill Making “Revenge Porn” Illegal Heads to Senate

The Senate will get the chance to vote on a measure making “revenge porn” a crime in Oklahoma. Senator David Holt’s bill advanced from committee on Wednesday. Senate Bill 1257 would criminalize the dissemination of non-consensual pornography.

“Non-consensual pornography is a destructive act that especially targets women, and it should be a crime,” said Holt.  “Our statutes often don’t contemplate modern life, and this is one of those situations.   I am grateful that so far my colleagues agree.”

Exceptions to the proposed law include law enforcement investigations and when the exposure or sexual act was committed in public or a commercial setting.

The first offense would be a misdemeanor. The second time it becomes a felony.

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  1. TDC, 25 February, 2016

    Kudos to Sen Holt for his leadership on this and other important issues in this session.


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