Plan Addressing Teacher Shortage Begins

Several components of a plan to address the state teacher shortage made it into law this session. Governor Fallin signed seven bills which carried the intent of the Teacher Shortage Task Force.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister created the task force in September 2015. They will continue to meet so the task force can generate a report on the effectiveness of the reforms.

“These bills are a positive first step toward remedying the growing teacher shortage in Oklahoma’s public school system,” said Hofmeister. “The innovative, cost-effective recommendations proposed by the Teacher Shortage Task Force will offer much-needed solutions at all levels of teaching statewide. By supporting our teachers with this legislation, we are investing in the future of our schoolchildren when Oklahoma’s budget crisis requires us to do more with less.”

While seven bills were signed into law, many of the 29 recommendations did not require legislative action.

The task force’s report is expected this fall.

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