Romney Wins Puerto Rico GOP Primary

Fox News

Mitt Romney  handily won Puerto Rico’s primary on Sunday, according to projections from The  Associated Press, as he and challenger Rick Santorum try to create the  mathematical inevitability to score the Republican presidential nomination to  challenge President Obama.

With Puerto Rico offering 20 delegates on Sunday,  Romney, the GOP front-runner, was expected to pick up all of them because he got  more than 50 percent of the vote. About 150,000 people were expected to cast  ballots

Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul did not compete in Puerto  Rico but while their rivals campaigned on the island territory last week, they  are also looking forward to Tuesday’s primary in Illinois, with 69 delegates and  then to Louisiana on the weekend, which provides 18 pledged delegates.

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  1. Mark, 19 March, 2012

    Was I asleep at the wheel?!… Since when doe s a U.S. territory get to vote in our elections???… Oh I forgot, they’re one of Obama’s 57 states… D’oh!!!


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