Incentive Evaluation Commission Sets Schedule for Incentive Reviews

The schedule to review state economic incentives by the Incentive Evaluation Commission was set on Wednesday. Dozens of incentives are slated to be reviewed before the next legislative session. They cost the state approximately $110 million.

The Incentive Evaluation Commission was created by legislation in 2015. Each state economic incentive will be independently evaluated once every four years. The independent contractor will work under the guidance of the commission. A report will be delivered to the Governor and Legislature before the session begins in 2017.

The name of the independent contractor is Public Financial Management. The firm has a one-year contract with the state with potential yearly renewals for the next three years. It’ll cost the state $239,691 a year for the firm to perform its evaluations.

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  1. Jimbo, 05 July, 2016

    Sounds like another chance to pay someone else to do what the commission should be doing. Just more do nothing positions to elevate for political payback. Looks nice on your resume to be on a commission, but then we pay a almost a quarter of a million dollars for someone to perform the task we needed our do nothing Legislature to do in the first place….. There is no money shortage in Oklahoma , only an abundance of apathy.


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