Cole Raises Alarm Over Zika Funding

Congressman Tom Cole is raising the alarm as four diagnosed cases of Zika in Florida were caused by domestic mosquitoes. He’s also pushing to see a bill with more than $1.1 billion in Zika response efforts get passed in the Senate.

“The news from Florida is an alarming sign that Zika has started to seriously make its way to the United States,” said Cole. “We cannot simply stand by and let this virus spread, when we know we have the resources readily available. The Zika Conference Report is an immediate implementation of response efforts, and sadly, the Democrats have no sense of urgency or a timeline to get this through the Senate. Time and time again we have fought to get this funding of more than $1.1 billion passed in the other chamber, but the Democratic priority has been to ignore our veterans and military, which are included in the same bill, and ignore the threat that is now on our shores.”

The House has already passed the measure.

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