Report: Tulsa County GOP Convention Unmarred By Controversy…But Is That The Whole Story?

The Tulsa County Republican Convention was held Saturday without, it is reported, the kind of contentious head-butting between some party officials and Ron Paul supporters that marred similar conventions in Cleveland and Oklahoma counties.

Michael Bates has a full report on the convention.

However, Tulsa Today Publisher David Arnett has a contrary view; we’ll share that with you soon.

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  1. Craig Corbin, 26 March, 2012

    Mike, I do not share your view the Cleveland County GOP Convention was marred in any way by Ron Paul supporters. I quite frankly find that comment to be somewhat self-indulgent on your part. Had you had your coffee when you wrote this? Cleveland County GOP and Ron Paul supporters hammered out and ironed out the wrinkles of delegates in questions before the County Convention took place. Do not take my word alone on it. I invite you to contact the Cleveland County GOP office and ask them yourself. The Ron Paul group and the rest of the GOP in Norman worked in unity and strong conservative vision for our county and towards the District 4 Convention at Paul’s Valley in April. I would be very interested in knowing who you got your information from on the Cleveland County Convention because your reporting of it is highly inaccurate. No disrespect sir, but I have come to admire your page very much. This statement muddies the waters a bit for me. Maybe you could clear it up.


    Craig A Corbin, Cleveland County Precinct 32 Vice Chair

  2. mikes1voice, 26 March, 2012

  3. Craig Corbin, 27 March, 2012

    Thanks for the link on that Mike. Indeed as I had kept you informed of just that very incident and I shared my resignation as the official Ron Paul 2012 Cleveland County Campaign Coordinator did I not? Further did I not share with you the private resignation email that I sent to the “Great Offender,” assuring the G.O. and clarifying who is really who’s “whooping post.”

    My point is this. Despite the bigoted, loose cannon misogynist bully that I had been working under (Gerhart), I assure you, even with him out in the hall at the Cleveland County Convention, I was right there working with the rest of the GOP precincts. We had a VERY good convention!

    I invite you sir. Pick up the phone this morning, call Lisa Shrieves and ask her despite the conflicts and bullying Gerhart imposed upon all of us (including the Ron Paul delegates), the convention itself went very very well? Lisa Shrieves will confirm it. The unity that happened during the convention was phenomenal.

    You see Mike, it is not about Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, in Cleveland County we GOP are strong together in a ujnited front campaign, “NOBAMA 2012!!”

    Gerhart through his temper tantrums one to many times and I resigned. Gerhart was slowing me down. Again, the convention went great for Cleveland County and the Cleveland County Republican Party officials (Bob Cleveland, Lisa Shrieves and others), treated me and the rest of the Ron Paul supporters with the utmost dignity, respect and accommodation.

    I salute Bob Cleveland, Lisa Shrieves et all for having a very successful convention!

    Cordially yours,

    Craig A Corbin, Cleveland County Precinct 32 Vice Chair


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