McCall: First Act As Speaker Will Be Probe Of Kirby Payments

House of Representatives Speaker-elect Charles A. McCall today announced his first action upon formally becoming Speaker on January 3 will be to authorize the bipartisan House Rules Committee to begin investigating the wrongful termination settlement agreement paid to a former employee in November out of House funds.

The committee will begin meeting in January and will have “special authority” to investigate that settlement, the allegations that led to the settlement and the House process for dealing with allegations of sexual harassment. In addition, the committee will review the authority of the House to use operational funds to settle claims and will also review all prior sexual harassment allegations against current House members.

McCall said all findings by the committee will be made public, and the House will take any available actions against lawmakers warranted by the investigation.

“There is simply no excuse for sexual harassment by lawmakers at the Capitol,” said McCall, R-Atoka. “The House of Representatives should be a safe and professional place to work, free of any form of discrimination or harassment. Voters have given us the privilege of representing them, and it is a high honor with special duties attached. Workplace misconduct by lawmakers will simply not be tolerated under my leadership.”

Earlier, McCall appointed state Rep. Josh Cockroft (R-Wanette) to serve as chair of the House Rules Committee, and state Rep. Kevin West (R-Moore) to serve as vice chair. The members of the committee will be announced soon.mccall

The House is unique in that it has no presiding officer between November 23, 2016 and Organizational Day on January 3, 2017, which is the first day the committee could be appointed by McCall to investigate the matter.

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  1. David Brooke, 29 December, 2016

    What do mean a committee! Find out whose name is on the check and ask them why they signed it. If the answer is not satisfactory take it to the AG’s office and file charges against the person. This appears to be theft from the taxpayers of Oklahoma. The state (you and I) are not responsible for the bad behavior of elected officials. The victim needs to get her money from Kirby, the alleged harasser. Representative McCall should ask for the money back immediately and I have to ask if the lawyer(s) receiving any money violated bar ethics that need to be checked. This money paid by someone in the state is theft of the Oklahoma taxpayer, clear and simple. I certainly don’t want Kirby to remain a legislator as he has now rescinded his termination letter, I will never trust him.


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