Wal-Mart Spent Millions, OKC Chamber Spent Thousands on State Question Campaigns

Disclosures show that Wal-Mart Stores Inc was heavily involved in the drive to pass modernized liquor laws in Oklahoma, while the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce spent thousands to defeat a teacher pay raise through a penny sales tax.

The Oklahoman’s Brianna Bailey writes Wal-Mart spent more than $4.8 million on the Yes on 792 campaign. Voters approved the measure which will allow grocery and convenience stores to sell strong beer and wine.

Read Bailey’s story here.

The Oklahoman’s Ben Felder examined the contribution reports for the State Question 779 campaign which asked voters to raise sales taxes so teachers could receive a raise, as well as, provide additional funding to higher education and CareerTech. He found the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce donated nearly half of the $860,000 spent to defeat the measure.

Read Felder’s story here.

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