More than a Dozen Conservative Lawmakers Throw Support Behind Lamb

Several conservative lawmakers came together to support Lt. Governor Todd Lamb’s resignation from Governor Fallin’s Cabinet over her tax plan. They also took the stance to defeat that plan.

Fourteen lawmakers, nine representatives and five senators, released a joint statement summarizing their feelings on Fallin’s plan to begin charging taxes on 164 service categories that aren’t currently taxed. It is estimated the budget gap for the next state government budget is $868 million.

“Those of us in the legislature who are small business owners understand the devastating impact this would have on small businesses, the backbone of the Oklahoma economy, and on consumers,” said State Rep. George Faught. “We need to fight for those we represent and stop this tax increase dead in its tracks.”

“Putting a massive, 1.7 billion dollar tax increase on Oklahomans will serve to hurt our economy just as it is beginning to recover, ” said State Sen. Nathan Dahm. “This approach is fundamentally flawed.”

“Tax increases kill jobs. Just as families must trim their budgets when their income goes down, government should trim spending when revenue dips, instead of raising taxes. Too many politicians lack the courage to say NO to big-spending government bureaucrats,” said Rep. Kevin Calvey.

“Just three months ago, Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly voted down a $615,000,000 sales tax increase, ” said State Rep. John Bennett. “That message should be heard loud and clear by the Governor and by legislative leadership: Oklahomans don’t want more taxes.”

“I am excited to see our conservatives being willing to make the tough decisions instead of taking the easy way out in taxes. We have got to deal with the tax credits and the spending for unnecessary functions of our Government. I fully support Todd Lamb and appreciate his bold stand,” said State Rep. Kevin McDugle.

“Last session, I vehemently fought against a service tax because it will add an incredible burden on our service industry. The Governor’s proposal is asking our small business owners to work all day and then come home and spend another hour or two on unnecessary paperwork rather than spending time with their families. I applaud Lamb’s decision.” says Rep. Chuck Strohm.

“Republicans opposed a similar Democrat plan in 2003, saying ‘This is a job-killing proposal that would damage the weak Oklahoma economy'”, said State Sen. Marty Quinn. “What was true back then is true now, and Republicans should oppose this plan as well.”

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  1. castor, 16 February, 2017

    Thumbs up for Lt. Gov. Lamb and the legislators who stand with him.


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