State Chamber Sets Up Anti-Tax Increase Website

The Oklahoma State Chamber has launched a campaign advocating a movement against Governor Fallin’s tax increase and enhancements to fill the $878 million budget gap. The website is called

The website tracks several bills and explains how they would hurt business in Oklahoma. It also coaches constituents on how to approach legislators to lobby against the tax increases. The bills are House Bill 1882, House Bill 1632, House Bill 2272 and House Bill 1330. comes at a time when lawmakers are facing a deadline to get bills out of committee by the end of the week.

Since Fallin presented her ideas in the State of the State address at the beginning of the session, Republican and conservatives have been aligning to either defend or challenge the proposals. House Democrats have pushed against the tax increases.

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  1. David Tackett, 01 March, 2017

    Yet nothing about the tobacco tax (Which the State Chamber praised), the service tax, or the gasoline tax.


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