Video: House Passes Teacher Pay Raise

After some debate on Tuesday, House members supported House Bill 1114 to provide a three-year phase in plan for a $6,000 teacher pay raise. Rep. Michael Rogers provides of an overview of the legislation in the video below.

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  1. Bob, 08 March, 2017

    For each $1,000 in pay raises for teachers legislators tell me it costs $60 million. This $6,000 a year increase for teacher pay proposal, if fully funded, means a total price tag of $360 million. Currently we are suffering a $900 million SHORTFALL. That means to pay for the teacher raises and cover the shortfall it will cost $1.2 BILLION. That’s a more than 10 percent increase in the state’s general fund budget.

  2. castor, 09 March, 2017

    Getting rid of the wind farm tax credits will be a good start on the first installment.


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