Cole Believes Trump Should Apologize to Obama

The Associated Press is reporting Congressman Tom Cole believes President Trump should apologize for making the unproven claim President Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped. The House Intelligence Committee issued a statement Tuesday saying there was no indication of Trump Tower being “the subject of surveillance” during the election.

Read the Associated Press story via the Tulsa World here.

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  1. Vernon Woods, 17 March, 2017

    Trump has a lot more apologies to deliver to the nation.

  2. Tom, 18 March, 2017

    Mr. Cole, please change parties. You are an embarrassment to the GOP! I know you’ll be happier in the progressive environment of the Democrat’s.

  3. The Logician, 20 March, 2017

    So glad that we have Congressman Cole working for us. A sound and reasonable voice for us non-crazy members of the GOP. Thank you Congressman!

  4. Deborah Schaer, 20 March, 2017


  5. Bob, 03 April, 2017

    Now the Trump charges have been proven, is the congressman going to apologize to the President?


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