Fallin’s Smoking Room Conversion Up In Smoke

The Tulsa World’s Wayne Green reports, Gov. Mary Fallin’s high-profile proposal to turn a state Capitol smoking room into a workout facility has gone up in smoke.

In her State of the State speech, Fallin announced a ban on tobacco use on state property, and said as a symbol of the state’s commitment to healthier lifestyles the smoking room in the Capitol basement would be turned into a workout facility using grant money.

“The idea when it was proposed was a popular one,” said Alex Weintz, spokesman for Fallin. “What was proposed to our office was that we look for spaces that could accommodate a larger fitness center.”

The governor’s office and officials from the House and Senate are looking for a space that would accommodate more equipment in the Capitol, he said. Weintz said he didn’t know what would happen to the smoking room, except that it wouldn’t be used for smoking.

The executive order  –  which takes full effect in August  –  bans the use of any tobacco product on any state property, including buildings, land and vehicles.

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