Fallin Wants More Action from Legislature

Governor Fallin wants to see more work from the Legislature. The Tulsa World’s Barbara Hoberock writes Fallin used a Thursday press conference to spur lawmakers to take action on the budget and other budget-related issues, like filling in the nearly $900 million budget gap.

Read the Tulsa World’s story here.

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  1. Tom, 31 March, 2017

    Not a word about wasteful spending, let alone cutting any spending. How about consolidating school districts? A long overdue notion to curb spending in the modern digital age!

  2. www.arthurlovell.com, 01 April, 2017

    Hello. magnificent job. I did not anticipate this. This is
    a fantastic story. Thanks!

  3. Cheryl, 01 April, 2017

    Exactly, Tom! Mary and her henchmen have robbed every last dollar from every last fund they can get their hands on and now want to charge the taxpayer more money. No talk of consolidation of school administration, reducing or eliminating state boards or commissions that are not doing a constitutional function of government, consolidating of agencies who do similar work, etc.

    It would be like a family continuing their wasteful spending and charging every day expenses to credit cards. Then when the bill is due, they, borrow from everyone, take money from their kids savings accounts, break open any and all piggy banks, and then tell their bosses they are in financial straits (of their own making) and need a HUGE raise!

    I’m sick of this mentality at 23rd and Lincoln! It’s time to CUT government down drastically at all levels!

  4. Mark Irwin, 02 April, 2017

    I love my home and I am a son of a son of a son of Oklahoma. It would appear that we have become a banana republic at best. What to do?


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