Fallin’s Approval Rating Drops

Only four other governors have lower approval ratings among voters than Governor Fallin according to Morning Consult’s Most & Least Popular Governor’s Survey. Fallin has a 41 percent approval rating in the survey. Fallin was ranked 9th lowest in approval ratings during the previous survey taken last fall.

Dead last in the survey is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He has a 25 percent approval rating. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder round out the bottom five.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker enjoys the highest approval rating at 75 percent.

Morning Consult asked more than 85,000 registered voters to evaluate the job of their governors. The survey was taken from January through March of this year.

Regional governors had mixed responses. Brownback has the second worst approval rating. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has the fifth highest approval rating in the survey. Texas Governor Greg Abbott secured the 10th highest rating. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has the 18th best approval rating. Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has the 24th best approval rating. The ninth worst approval rating belongs to New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez.

Read Morning Consult’s survey here.

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  1. cal hobson, 19 April, 2017

    The real surprise in this survey is that Governor Fallin is still approved by 41% of Oklahomans. And that’s the problem.

    No need to go through all the disasters created during her first seven years as governor but suffice it to say you can’t run against all the alleged evils affiliated with government and then turn around and propose a $1 billion dollars in tax increases to support it.

    Governor Fallin is a nice lady in the wrong job at the wrong time and her supportive Republican legislators are at best clueless. At worst they simply enjoy driving our state into the dirt on every category of importance…….education, health care, public safety, roads, etc.

    But hey. Most Okies asked for this crew through the ballot box knowing full well what they were going to get………and they are getting it in spades.

    I wouldn’t expect readers to believe me but you might ask your own kids if they plan to stay in this state after college. Maybe you’ll believe them.


    Cal Hobson

  2. stephen lewis, 19 April, 2017


    Thank You! I couldn’t agree more. I can’t believe that her rating was that high.
    I’d have given a lower score & many unkind words
    But, what choice do we have? The Dems offer far less leadership or fiscal understanding.
    A Third party is highly unlikely too.


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