Lankford Returns from Trip to Iraq, Syria

Senator James Lankford has returned from his trip to Iraq and Syria. The trip was a way for him to evaluate anti-terrorism intelligence programs and military assets. Lankford was joined on the trip by Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr.

“The past few days of travel in the Middle East were another reminder that the United States of America has the best military and intelligence professionals in the world,” said Lankford. “The time in Iraq and Syria was essential for determining the needs of our men and women in the field and to provide oversight of our intelligence capacity in one of the most dangerous regions in the world for terrorism. As instability and terrorist threats continue to rise, it is important for America to maintain our intelligence information edge. We must work with allies in the region to destroy terrorist groups before they can bring additional terrorist strikes on Americans.”

Lankford and Burr visited Baghdad, Erbil, and Mosul. They also travelled to Syria to visit with U.S. troops. Oklahoma’s junior Senator also met with Oklahoma National Guardsmen and other Oklahomans who are serving in Iraq and Syria.

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