Russell’s Waste Watch Focuses on Education Waste

Congressman Steve Russell focuses on education spending in the latest edition of his Waste Watch series. This time he identifies ten examples of wasteful spending and programs that total around $74 billion.

“It is my hope that the items in Waste Watch No. 7 can create the motivation to protect taxpayers and assist in educating America’s children with the resources available,” said Russell. “For my part, I have already introduced, or will be introducing, multiple bills to address many of the items listed in this edition. It is not enough to point out the problems. We must work together to fix them so that we can make our nation stronger. Education is vital to our children and our future.”

Russell’s examples include $55.7 billion in “indirect costs” including within National Science Foundation grants to higher education institutions since 2011, a $3 million National Institutes of Health grant so Harvard could study the effects of asparagus on the odor of urine, and a nearly $5 million a year program to pay college students to dress up as fruits and vegetables to encourage healthy eating on college campuses.

You can read the latest Waste Watch here.

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