Moore: An Open Letter to Oklahoma Congressional Delegation on Repeal of ACA

Representative Lewis Moore has written an open letter to Oklahoma’s Congressional Delegation concerning the healthcare reforms being considered by Congress. He chairs the House Insurance Committee.

Read the letter provided by Moore below.

July 11, 2017


 An open letter to Oklahoma’s United States Delegation.


In the spirit of our Declaration of Independence, I respectfully ask you to act expeditiously on behalf of the State of Oklahoma.

Repeal the Affordable Care Act, nothing more, nothing less.

Return any ACA taxes collected back to the citizens from whom it was taken.

Repealing the ACA is tax reform!  It is repealing $1 Trillion dollars in taxes that   impacts Oklahoma families, and our small, medium and large businesses. 

Families and business will get a needed boost in this downturn. 

The free market and competition will fill any void left by repealing the ACA Trillion dollar tax.  To not repeal the ACA Taxes is to sanction them.  You are telling Oklahomans, “We want the trillion dollars in taxes more than we want you to have health insurance!”

Do you need another reason to repeal the ACA Trillion dollar tax?  Tell leadership you must follow the U.S. Constitution.  It may not be the easiest thing to do given all the bureaucrats and insiders “mealing” on the new money, but it is the moral and just thing to do.  In short, follow the U. S. Constitution. 

Need more help?  Look up your duties as listed in Article 1, Section 8 of your pocket constitution.  Can’t find health insurance or health care listed there?  Me either.

ALL areas not listed belong to the States (10th Amendment) and the State of Oklahoma should consider them null and void… dead upon arrival.  That means the ACA.

Any taxes imposed to fund anything not listed in Article 1, Section 8, should be considered null and void.  Any means to resist paying them should be considered patriotic and constitutional since the tax is itself is not constitutional and a form of thievery.

The ACA is not a constitutional law.  Even if the tax is considered constitutional, the reason for the tax is not.   Judges are not the final authority on constitutionality.  It is an equal responsibility shared between the Congress, President and Judiciary in that order.  The Congress is the voice of the people and the people are governed by consent and The-rule-of-law.  Even if all the people wanted government healthcare it is the responsibility of the State and not the federal government to deliver it.

Any money, other than borrowed, “national debt” money, sent back to the State is a return of excess taxes and must be returned to State taxpayers.

Our out-of-control federal government is overwhelming state governments.  The federal government, fueled by the 16th amendment, has sucked up trillions of dollars from the States and left cities, counties and state governments an ever-shrinking tax base from which to take care of other governmental necessities.

As persons taking the oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution it doesn’t mean we condone the fast and loose conduct of the federal government and unchecked collection of taxes.

If the U.S. Congress cannot exercise constitutional discipline, our State Governor, State Legislature, State Attorney General and State Supreme Court, either separately or jointly… must defend our Republic form of government, their citizenry and the State by nullifying unconstitutional federals laws, regulations, rulings and taxes. 

I am offering any assistance that I can be to you to help to repeal the ACA.  My office and I are at your call.  Feel free to call me at 405-245-1217 at any time day or night.

There is a sense of urgency to this issue that some may not yet realize.  I can assure you, employers and citizens are very worried, upset and angry and they have the right to be.  Just yesterday I met with an employer whose premiums for his company went from $75,000 a year to $210,000.  They want the ACA gone now!

Citizens have the right to “remove and replace” officials, in as civil a manner as possible.  Don’t be surprised when the voters demand change.


Rep. Lewis Moore

Oklahoma House of Representatives

Insurance Committee Chair

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  1. Deb Schaer, 12 July, 2017


  2. Frank Volpe, 13 July, 2017

    Lewis Moore 2018!

  3. CAL HOBSON, 15 July, 2017

    Here is an open letter to Representative Moore.

    Dear Representative Moore,

    Wow. You seem to be pretty worked up about the US Congress not following the Constitution when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. How quaint… or more accurately stated, how phony.

    In not only the spirit but also the letter of our Oklahoma Constitution, specifically Article 5, Section V-24, I respectfully request that you act expeditiously to come into compliance therewith.

    In order to do that you must resign from the Chairmanship of the Insurance Committee, quit filing bills related to the insurance industry, in which you are employed, and also recuse yourself from voting for or against any legislation related to said industry.

    Of course you won’t do that because you personally profit from such behavior and have done so almost continuously since you were first elected to the House of Representatives in 2018.

    Clearly your signature on your oath of office means a helleva lot less to you than your signature on the insurance policies you continue to issue.

    And you have the gall to lecture the Congress about following the US Constitution?

    With Profound Disdain,

    Cal Hobson

  4. CAL HOBSON, 15 July, 2017

    Small correction. Rep Moore has been violating his Oath of Office since 2008 not 2018 but I predict he will indeed still be doing it in 2018.


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