Edmondson Raises $300K for Governor’s Bid

It’s been two months since Drew Edmondson declared he was running for governor, and he’s already amassed more than $300,000 for his campaign. According to the campaign, it has raised $300,211 through June 30.

Campaign Manager Mike Clingman said Edmondson’s successful fundraising effort shows support for Edmondson’s message and the record of success he brings to the voters.

“Voters are tired of politics as usual,” Clingman said. “We need someone who is willing to look corporate lobbyists in the eye and tell them that the people come first. Drew has shown that he’ll fight the corporate interests, and just like he did when he took on WorldCom and Big Tobacco as attorney general, he will win. That’s what we hear from people across the state, and that’s why support is so strong for Drew Edmondson’s candidacy.”

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