OKC School Board Begins Exploring Funding Lawsuit Against Legislature

The Oklahoma City School Board voted Monday night to begin exploring a lawsuit against the Legislature over funding. The state’s largest district cut $30 million from its budget. District officials claim the budget is so bone thin, students are not allowed to take textbooks home because schools cannot replace them.

When the special meeting was announced last week, it elicited a sharp response from House Speaker Charles McCall questioning the OKC Public Schools financial stewardship. He also referenced a similar lawsuit in 2007 which was dismissed by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

The resolution which was approved by the OKC School Board lays out an argument for why it should explore legal recourse. It instructs legal counsel to open talks with potential law firms to determine specific causes of action and to pursue one or more lawsuits against legislative leadership.

A copy of the OKC School Board resolution can be found at this link.

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  1. castor, 22 August, 2017

    They would do better to concentrate their attention on running their district better and reducing the number of administrators. This is nothing more than “we’re doing fine, just send more money.”


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