Cole, Russell Agree with Trump DACA Actions

Congressmen Tom Cole and Steve Russell approve President Trump’s action on Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Both agree it is the duty of Congress to set immigration policy.

“In deciding to allow the DACA program to expire, President Trump made the right call,” said Cole. “President Obama exceeded his constitutional authority by implementing the policy through executive order. Major immigration policy changes must be done through Congressional action, and President Trump has given Congress ample time to craft a new policy regarding DACA recipients.”

“The President is correct in stating that the solution to DACA lies with Congress. Now we have a deadline. I personally cannot see a construct where we would or should want to deport these individuals. I think we must address a way to provide a permanent residency status which would then place the prospects of earning citizenship upon the individual. They had no choice on being here when they came here as children through the actions of others. A residency would give them a way to abide by our laws and then whether or not they would eventually become citizens would be on their own merits,” said Russell.

Cole also believes any policy Congress crafts should keep compassion in mind.

“It is important that we show compassion towards children and young adults who were brought to our country through no fault of their own. In the coming months, I am hopeful that Congress will reach a consensus on this knotty issue,” Cole adds.  “If Congress can reach a compromise on this difficult issue, President Trump will achieve something that eluded both President Bush and President Obama – a significant immigration reform enacted by Congress and signed by the President.”

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  1. Deborah Schaer, 08 September, 2017

    If you guys vote for amnesty, which is what this is, I will donate my kids’ college fund to eliminating you from Congress. Why are repubs such fools? Does anyone remember how Clinton and Janet Reno treated Elian Gonzalez? THAT is your precedence on children of illegals. These “kids” are not children. Democrats will never be happy with anything other than citizenship. Taxpayers have funded their K-12 education and beyond. They should take it back to their native land and make use of it. No Amnesty, EVER! Reagan gave 3 million amnesty and now look at the 25 million in the country – please don’t say “11 million”.

  2. Deborah Schaer, 08 September, 2017

    (What would Mexico Do?


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