Echols Wants to Exempt Semi-Trucks from Motor Vehicle Sales Tax

House Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols announced Thursday his plans to introduce legislation to protect the trucking industry in Oklahoma from a recently re-enacted motor vehicle sales tax. House Bill 2433 removed an exemption on the sales tax on motor vehicles. Echols claims the intent was not to apply the tax to the purchase or transfer of semi-trucks.

“We certainly want to protect the trucking industry in Oklahoma because of their contribution to job growth and economic development in our state,” said Echols. “We want to continue to be a primary destination for both large and small companies to tag their long-haul transportation vehicles. We will look at a legislative fix in the coming months, and I anticipate the Governor and Senate will support that effort.”

HB 2433 was recently challenged as unconstitutional, but the Oklahoma Supreme Court decided it was a repeal of an tax exemption, not a revenue measure and could be passed with 51 percent of the vote. Those buying a new motor vehicle now pay a 1.25 percent sales tax in addition to the excise tax.

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  1. Vernon Woods, 08 September, 2017

    I smell the aroma of hypocrisy reeking from this special exemption, probably motivated by the 23rd /Lincoln good-old-boys and trucking lobbyists in the famed smoke-filled room.
    The special session will undoubtedly be filled with the same crap that the state in its current condition.
    Shame on your kind.


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