Cole Liked What He Heard in Trump’s UN Speech

Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole liked what he heard Tuesday when President Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly and specifically called out North Korea, Iran and Venezuela.

“President Trump’s speech was clearly one of the best and most consequential speeches of his presidency thus far,” said Cole. “He gave a spirited defense of American values and interests to the UN, and he put America first.”

“In addition, he sent a direct, blunt and clear message that unambiguously called out North Korea, Iran and Venezuela for activities at odds with the best interests of the civilized world. In doing so, President Trump made it clear that America continues to lead and uphold the international order. He was also quick to remind other countries to do their part in reigning in rogue nations and terrorist organizations.”

“Make no mistake about it, this speech was a major statement defining America’s role on the international stage. I believe historians will look back on this speech as a defining moment in the Trump presidency. It asserted and redefined America’s role as the leader of the free world.”

The President’s speech can be viewed below.

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