Maughan Announces End to OKC Mayoral Campaign

Oklahoma City mayoral candidate Brian Maughan is shutting down his campaign. Injuries from a recent car accident have not healed properly and limited his ability to campaign. He will continue in his role as Oklahoma County Commissioner while he recovers.

His entire statement is below.

I am announcing that I am ending my campaign for Mayor of Oklahoma City. As you know, this summer I was injured in a traffic collision that resulted in multiple fractures to my foot. In the months since then I have undergone extensive treatment and physical therapy, and I have now been informed by my physician that the expected healing has not taken place and that I have developed complications that are likely to require an extended recovery that would further restrict my mobility, with likely surgery some months in the future.

In every campaign for public office that I have run, I have focused on direct contact with the citizens I hoped to serve. You simply cannot go door to door or visit with constituents in their neighborhoods when you cannot walk.

Since the accident I have also been diligent in discharging my duties as District Two County Commissioner and as Chairman of the Board of Oklahoma County Commissioners. I will continue to do that as my recovery progresses, but it has become increasingly apparent that I could not do that and campaign for office at the same time. For that reason I will now focus on the job the citizens of District Two elected me to do.

I want to express my deep appreciation to all those who had rallied to my campaign for Mayor. They shared my vision for a better city, and they were generous in their support, both as volunteers and financial backers. As I did last year when I was re-elected as County Commissioner without opposition, I will refund all campaign contributions proportionately from the funds on hand.

Of course I am disappointed in this turn of events but it has become clear that I could not give a maximum effort to this campaign, which is what the voters deserve. I also felt it was important to make this announcement now, well before the filing date, so that any other candidates would have time to make their own decisions.

Finally, while I am withdrawing from this campaign, I intend to continue to work full time as County Commissioner for at least the remaining three-plus years of my term. We have some real challenges in county government, especially the ongoing situation of the County Jail. I will now turn my energies first to completing my recovery and second to doing the job I was elected to do.

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