Senate Calls for GPT Tax Increase Vote

In an attempt to keep options open, the Oklahoma Senate passed a resolution asking the House to put a gross production tax (GPT) on new oil and gas wells to four percent for 36 months into a budget package. This comes on the heels of the House Democrats making a stand for an increase in GPT.

“Teachers deserve a pay raise and we can’t let mental health services, rural hospitals and child welfare services bear the brunt of massive budget cuts. Though the deal we announced earlier this week achieved those goals, it’s clear it cannot pass unless gross production taxes are included. Adding GPT to the budget deal certainly wasn’t my first choice, but if it breaks the stalemate it is an option we have to pursue. We now have an opportunity to deliver on teacher pay raises, stop massive budget cuts to health care, and eliminate the constant budget problems plaguing our state. I’m grateful my Democratic and Republican colleagues in the Senate showed leadership in approving this compromise to move Oklahoma forward. We’re hopeful our colleagues in the House will act quickly and join us in solving this problem,” said Senate President Pro Tem Mike Schulz.

The Senate Democrats signed onto the non-binding resolution as well.

“This is the time for leadership, real compromise and a long-term plan of action for Oklahoma and its people. We are committed to working together with the Governor and Senate and House leadership toward a resolution that benefits all Oklahomans,” said Senate Minority Leader John Sparks.

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