House Will Put “Grand Bargain” on the Board Wednesday

House members will get their chance to vote on a “grand bargain” bill Wednesday afternoon which would lead to a patch of the budget hole. NonDoc’s William Savage III writes this is a major test for House Speaker Charles McCall.

Read the NonDoc story here.

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  1. sky, 08 November, 2017

    C’mon conservatives…cut spending!!! No more taxes until spending is under control!!!!

  2. Vernon Woods, 08 November, 2017

    Considering that the passage of SQ 790 will pretty much eliminate any 3.2 beer sales starting next October, why is the legislature even messing around with such a meaningless issue?

  3. castor, 08 November, 2017

    Glad to see the Grand Bargain failed in the House.

  4. Vernon Woods, 08 November, 2017

    Congrats, sky, you succeeded. Now, we just need to shut the state down to nothing, and tell our teachers to go to Hell. Go ahead and suck the rainy day fund dry – then what pathetic ideas will you pull out of ‘somewhere’?


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